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Inside Job
Success Is An Inside Job® is a boutique firm with over forty-five years of experience. Working across industry lines, we help individuals, organizations and teams reach optimal performance. Experts in resolving resistances to success in the personal and professional arenas, we specialize in helping our clients overcome personal stuck points, career slumps, personal and performance blocks and fear of success issues. We are good at helping our clients get to the top of their game.

We facilitate success using an extensive toolkit and
the Inside Job™️ approach developed by Judith F. Chusid, Ph.D., the founder and director. Our clients build on their strengths, overcome stuck points, capitalize on their talents and skills and move into best practices.
“Judith Chusid is my secret weapon for transcending barriers to peak creative, financial and
personal success in my own life and the lives of my clients.  She's brilliant, absolutely
fearless and will do whatever it takes to get you there.”
Carolyn Alroy, Psy.D
Psychologist and Performance Coach
“Judith Chusid’s strategies are transformational. Day to day challenges become manageable, as big picture goals are achieved. The Inside Job™ provides you with an expansive toolkit that helps you be the best version of yourself.”
Eric Gardner
Executive Producer Shahs of Sunset, Bravo TV
"Dr Chusid’s methods are wonderful for jump-starting all kinds of creative processes in many walks of life. Her insight and practices really work and are exceptional for breaking up all kinds of resistance."
Dennis Broe, Ph.D.
journalist, novelist, professor, and author Birth of the Binge: Serial TV and the End of Leisure

What’s Included

Introductory Meeting
Email Contact
& Individualized Action Plan
Check-in as needed
Facing Success Issues That Sabotage Career And Creative Endeavors

Success Is An Inside Job

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