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Success Is An Inside Job® is a boutique firm offering educational classes, personal and professional self-growth workshops and performance enhancement consulting in the areas of leadership development, coaching for better performance, team building, and culture change. The SIIJ team of coaches and facilitators have more than forty years experience resolving career blocks and resistances to success.

With our proven track record of success, an extensive toolkit, and the Inside Job ™  methodology developed by Dr. Judith F. Chusid,Ph.D., we help individuals, organizations, and teams reach optimal performance. We promote change by helping our clients build on their strengths and overcome behaviors that interfere with high performance.
Judith F. Chusid, Ph.D.
Dr. Judith F. Chusid, is the founder and creator of Success Is An Inside Job®, Inc., The Success Is An Inside Job® Workshops, and the Inside Job™ approach. She has been following her bliss for over 40 years and is dedicated to helping others find their passion and earn their living doing work they love. Experienced in the private and public sectors as a therapist, addiction specialist, teacher, sports psychologist, consultant, speaker and writer, Dr. Chusid is known for having an extensive toolbox that includes innovative strategies for resolving resistances to success and change. Nicknamed “The Resistance Buster”,  she earned her doctorate and masters from New York University and has P.D. in School Psychology/Professional Child Psychology from St. John’s University. She did post-doctorate training at The Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. Her book, Success Is An Inside Job: Stop Playing Small ~Overcome Fear of Success ~Live in Your Potential (Tune into Your Passion -Do What You Love-Follow Your Bliss) is available at Amazon.

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Zulema E. Suárez, Ph.D.
Dr. Zulema Suárez, has been a member of the SIIJ team since its inception and co-leads the Inside Job™ workshops with Dr. Chusid.  She is passionate about helping people find their purpose and become their intended self. Dr. Suárez has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and an MSW from New York University. In addition to her formal academic training, she has training in life coaching and psychodrama. When she is not running workshops, Dr. Suárez is a faculty member at Long Island University Brooklyn Department of Social Work where she teaches MSW students. With over 30 years of experience teaching graduate social work at schools in Michigan and the NY metropolitan area, Dr. Suárez has published a number of well-received chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

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