Our Services

Our services include individual and group consulting, personal and performance coaching, leadership development, team building and culture change and educational classes. We offer personal and professional growth workshops at onsite and off-site campuses.
  • Executive and Performance Coaching
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Educational Classes
  • Workshops
  • Spiritual Psychology Counseling
  • Industry Specific Assessment
  • Consulting
  • Events
"Dr Judith Chusid has developed an amazing and effective way of helping people to get past their barriers and stuck points when it comes to personal and professional success. This workshop will inspire anyone who wants to enhance their work or creative life."
Ann Smith MS, LPC, LMFT
Former Executive Director Breakthrough at Caron
"No one knows how to overcome resistance to change like Judith Chusid. She's got a sound theory for that as well as a huge toolkit. I turn to her for advice in working with our executive clients."
Robert Kaplan
Partner Kaplan Devries Inc
"She impacted on certain players, at certain times, in ways that almost seemed magical.... It worked so dramatically that it seemed unbelievable.... Chusid remains the only psychologist in the history of America to have am extra man play named after her."
From the chapter "The Chusid Years"
In The History of Adelphi Lacrosse by Paul J. Doherty
"Chusid is a rare gem in the field of executive coaching - she combines personal integrity, keen insight, and techniques that have been successful for herself, her company, and her clients. She is direct and demanding, while open and engaging at the same time."
Don Weinstock
President Salem Global Internet, NYC
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